News update:Mar 9, 2016

Large duck farm to be built in Ukraine

Creative, one of the largest producers of oil and fat products in Ukraine, is planning to build a duck farm capable of growing 10 million heads of ducks per year, making it one of the largest duck farms in the country.

According to the head of the supervisory board of the company Maxim Berezkin the total investment in the project will amount to approximately 100 million euros. The success of the project according to the experts is provided by the fact that the duck meat currently is in short supply in Ukraine, as well as in the territory of most CIS countries.

Berezkin added that the construction of the project will take approximately one and a half years to complete. At present Creative, a group of companies for which this will be the first foray into the field of poultry production, is looking for a site in the Kirovograd region where the new facility will be constructed.

After launching the farm. some products are planned to be sold in the domestic market, while some will be exported to the Middle East and China.

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