News update:Mar 9, 2016

MHP plans increase in poultry exports

MHP, Ukraine’s biggest poultry producer, wants to boost the amount of meat it exports because domestic consumption has not grown in six years, chief executive officer Yuriy Kosyuk has said.

MHP wants to ship half of the poultry it produces abroad to as many as 30 countries, the CEO stated. Currently the company exports more than 30% of its poultry now to 25 countries, but this year both these figures could grow.

MHP expects to produce about 470,000 tons of chicken meat this year and will be adding 10% to its poultry output annually through the end of 2015. Consumer demand for poultry inside Ukraine has not changed in the past five or six years and prices have been the same in one and a half years.

During that period the production in the country was steadily growing replacing the import supplies. As the result experts agree that two large poultry production companies in Ukraine – MHP and Agromars that now account for 70% of poultry production in Ukraine have no further opportunities to grow on the domestic market.

“External markets are becoming more and more interesting,” Kosyuk said.

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