News update:Mar 9, 2016

Turkey meat gains popularity in Australia

Research commissioned by Australian poultry brand Steggles, showed that one in four grocery buyers eats turkey at least once a month. More than half of turkey consumed (54%) is made up of fresh turkey cuts including turkey mince, sliced turkey and pre-prepared turkey products with marinades.

Statistics also showed that grocery buyers are 25% more likely to consume turkey at least once a month compared to non-grocery buyers.

“Turkey consumption is in a period of growth and we anticipate an upward trend will continue as awareness of the category grows and education continues,” said Laurel Brown, Steggles Senior Brand Manager.

“Whilst awareness is higher amongst younger grocery buyers, there is an opportunity for older buyers to consider turkey as an alternative protein to assist with healthy eating plans. Some cuts of turkey provide high levels of iron, zinc and vitamin B12, all of which are often found to be low in the diets of older Australians,” said Brown.

Overall, men were found to consume turkey more frequently than the overall population with nearly one in every three males consuming turkey meals at least once a month. Men were also found to be more likely to eat various types of turkey products including fresh and frozen products, whole turkeys, snacks and sliced turkey.

“Turkey has impressive health credentials, making the protein an attractive alternative for health conscious individuals. Promotions in gyms may have increased purchase amongst the younger demographic, in particular males who are looking for a lean source of protein to include in their diet,” said Brown.

At the forefront of the turkey trend, Steggles has continued to build on its existing popular Turkey Shortcuts range.

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