News update:Mar 9, 2016

Ukraine increases its poultry meat production output

Domestic production of fresh or chilled poultry in January-June 2013 in Ukraine increased by 7.5% compared to the same period of 2012, reported the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

According to the report, in June, Ukrainian poultry producers have supplied the domestic market with 59,900 tonnes of fresh or chilled poultry, which is 6% higher than the results of June 2012, but 3.6% less than the figures of May.


The production of frozen poultry meat in January-June of the current year exceeded the level of the same period of 2012 by 154.9% and amounted to 65,600 tonnes, of which 14,200 tonnes were produced in June, which is 232.6% more than in June 2012, but 4% less than the same figure of May.


At the same time, the strong rise in poultry production this year was not accompanied with some serious change in prices, according to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture. As recently reported by the Minister of Agriculture, Nikolai Prisajnuk, the price for poultry meat on the market has stayed on a level that is comfortable both for producers and consumers with only some small fluctuations.

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