News update:Mar 9, 2016

Vinnytsia poultry farm to boost production this year

The Vinnytsia poultry farm of Ukrainian poultry producer MHP, which claims to be the largest poultry production enterprise in Europe, will boost production capacity to 240,000 tonnes of poultry per year.

MHP produced 404,000 tonnes of poultry meat last year, and is scheduled to double that by 2018, when its new Vinnytsia complex comes fully on stream. The site began production earlier this year, and the facility has also been certified to export to the EU. In 2012 the poultry farm had been working in test mode and produced a small amount of poultry.

According to the heads of the company, the complex is producing poultry to the highest quality standards, so it will have the best chance to be successful in the foreign markets.

The head of the company Uri Kosyuk says that, currently, MHP's customer base is spread over about 25 countries, but expanding that base to 30-35 would be "fantastic". The company is seeking a diverse set of countries to sell to: "External markets give us optimism," he says.

In the past few years the firm has delivered on its intentions. "From year on year, in export of products we are seeing a definite improvement," says Uri Kosyuk. "We didn't just add one country, we've expanded dramatically and we've expanded in countries for which we produce special products for."

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