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China given green light to export poultry to US

Four Chinese poultry processors have been approved to export a limited amount of meat to the United States, the US Department of Agriculture has announced.

Initially, only cooked poultry products from birds raised in the United States and Canada, will be eligible for exporting. It is thought however, that the government would eventually expand the rules, so that chickens and turkeys bred in China could end up in the American market.

Experts suggest that this could be the first step towards allowing China to export its own domestic chickens to the US. The decision follows years of wrangling over the issue, as American consumers are increasingly focused on the origin of their food and the weaknesses in China’s food safety record have repeatedly been exposed.

The poultry trade between the United States and China has been contentious for years, the New York Times writes. Under the Bush administration, the USDA moved to allow imports of chicken from China, which has banned imports of American beef since 2003 over worries about mad cow disease.

In response, Congress blocked Chinese chicken exports. China retaliated by placing huge tariffs on American chicken. The World Trade Organization then ruled that the tariffs were too high. After that, the USDA then audited Chinese processing plants, giving its approval for them to process raw birds from the United States and Canada.

Under the new rules, the Chinese facilities will verify that cooked products exported to the United States came from American or Canadian birds. So no USDA inspector will be present in the plants and as the poultry will be processed, it will not require country-of-origin labeling.

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  • J van den vdB

    Let me get this straight. The chicken will be slaughtered in USA or Canada, exported to China for further process and then imported back ? Is this really cost-efficient or what are the other motivations to do this? Any answers or reference for more info is welcome.

  • manny atovi monarca

    China to export processed chicken to USA but the stock should be coming from the USA or Canada? Why? Because of food safety. But now, they were given the green light to export their domestic chicken to USA, its a good sign of business opportunity expansion in China in terms of poultry businesses. I suggest that Chinese investors should apply our Philippine technology to ensure safe & healthy product to be exported to USA. We are using a premix powder, once ingested all nutrients & medication are readily absorbed & utilized properly & efficiently. Through that, no undigested protein left in the manure & a very low ammonia fumes that causes foul odor, ending up into a non pathogenic &organic fecal waste, decomposition is not needed. They develop great stamina, they do not easily contract any diseases caused by bacteria & viruses. The powder induces natural detoxification making the product free from antibiotic & chemical residue. Quality meat, with low cholesterol, lean meat, less fats with no rancid smell. It's been tested and proven here in the Philippines. We called it the Wonder Powder only in the Philippines.

  • D Brown

    This makes so much sense...China can't be trusted to make pet food and pet treats that won't kill our pets but they can be trusted to process our food?!?!?!

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