News update:Mar 9, 2016

Lima: Meat bone separators

The French company LIMA, specialises in the production of separators, deboners and desinewers for poultry meat, corresponding to the EU-US Quality Standards.

Its product line includes more than 60 patented models, with per-hour capacities ranging from 220 to 28.600 lbs (100-13.000 kg), suitable for four types of products : S-type separators for well structured mechanically separated meat (MSM); D-type de-boners for ground meat; DS-type de-boners for structured meat, and DD-type de-sinewers for de-sinewed meat.

The raw material is manipulated delicately with a minimum of pressure and the slow rotation speed of the screw ensures a very small temperature rise. All the models are hygienic and easy to use and can be supplied with a special disassembly table, which facilitates cleaning operations. The separated meat is transferred and protected by a tube so no additional pump is required. Optional enhancements to the complete machines include automatic feed and weighing systems, and a two-step operation “Deboner + Separator”.

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  • Lima: Meat bone separators

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