News update:Mar 9, 2016

Modern duck processing line in South Korea

CharmFre in Buan, South Korea, recently commissioned a highly automated duck processing line from Stork Poultry Processing.

The processing lines have been designed for the highest processing capacities and can process up to 6,000 ducks per hour (100 bpm) in-line. The ducks are chilled in-line and distributed automatically based on weight.

The project, which conforms to the latest state of the art technology, includes automatic evisceration, an enclosed and fully in-line double wax system, in-line chilling, automatic distribution and full traceability.

According to Stork, the project is an example of the new global benchmark for high speed duck processing solutions. Specifically for the Chinese duck market, Marel Stork offers various high capacity solutions. The company has several facilities in China, including the local production of equipment, availability of spare parts and a team of service engineers.

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