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Nepalese poultry industry suffering huge losses

The current outbreak of bird flu in Nepal is reported to have cost the industry Rs 7 billion (US$66 million), according to local estimates.

Thousands of small and large-scale businesses have gone out of business citing insecurity due to the outbreak of H5N1 in the Kathmandu valley and other parts of the country.

The loss in the poultry sector contributes nearly 4% to the country's GDP and is likely to cause a big deficit in the country's economy. Poultry producers have also complained about the lack of appropriate steps to control the bird flu from the government.
Chairman of Eggs Producers' Association Shiva Ram KC said that the years-long efforts of poultry farmers have all been in vein following the bird flu outbreak.

KC said the poultry business in the country was pushed back four decades due to the bird flu outbreak which has prompted a sharp drop in chicken because of rumours spread in the market. 

Likewise, Chairman of Nepal Chicken Market Management Association Shankar Kandel said that supply of chicken and eggs to the capital city from Chitwan has dropped to almost zero, whereas the daily supply of chicken from Chitwan to Kathmandu valley used to stand at 15 to 20 tonnes. 

Source: The Himalayan Times

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  • manny atovi monarca

    Having that kind of outbreak is unstoppable, it will really destroy the poultry economy and causes shortage of poultry meat products. To mitigate that problem the Government should explore on new technologies that is available int the market specially in the prevention of diseases that is prevalent. Here in the Philippines, we are using Philippine Atovi technology.

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