News update:Mar 9, 2016

Technomics of the immersion water chiller

Despite the diversity of cooling technology available, the immersion water chiller offers unique and important technical and economical benefits. These make it still the leading method used by many poultry processing companies around the world. Good management and maintenance are essential to let it operate efficiently however.

Chicken carcasses must be cooled down the soonest possible after slaughter for hygiene and food safety reasons. As such, the immersion water chiller is still the most common method used by the poultry processing companies. The EU is the greatest exception as air chilling dominates the scenario in response to the consumers’ rejection to  water-cooled products.

The immersion water chiller demands a low capital cost to be set up, making it a very cost-friendly piece of equipment when compared with the expensive air chiller, for instance. Moreover, its operational capabilities are superior, thanks to the higher thermal coefficient of water compared to air, therefore accelerating the carcasses cooling and saving energy. Additionally, the water chiller line can be easily set up in a relatively small floor area, reducing the cost of installation and, finally, it is very easy to clean and cheap to maintain, further increasing its attractiveness.

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