News update:Mar 9, 2016

Growth in Nicaragua’s chicken consumption

In recent years the annual growth rate (average) of chicken meat consumption in Nicaragua, per person, is 680 grams (1.5 pounds).

This growth is due to its affordable price and its nutritional qualities. In 2013 poultry meat consumption reached 1.9 kilograms (42.5 pounds) per capita.

"This growth in consumption is offset by the average annual growth in chicken meat of 5% in recent years, which has been ensuring food security and better nutrition for the population," said Alfredo Velez, corporate vice president of Cargill Nicaragua.

The company produces about 65% of the total national chicken meat production. To ensure that the demand is covered, Cargill has made steady investments; this year US$7,000,000, explained Velez.

According to Velez, poultry meat has had a single price adjustment in 2013, the average price being 27.50 Cordobas – (US$1.07) for whole chicken and 28 Cordobas (US$1.08) for chicken parts.

However, the company recognises that poultry companies do not have not the ability to control price speculation for traders, since they often take advantage of the growth in demand.

Between January and September, 2013, 43,930 birds were slaughtered, according to the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN). Compared to 57,391 birds in 2012. The figure represents an increase of 2,331 birds on slaughter figures for 2011 when 55,060 birds were culled, BCN statistics showed.

The average monthly consumption of chicken meat in Nicaragua is 9.9 million kilos (22 million pounds), according to Vélez.

Maria de los Angeles

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