News update:Mar 9, 2016

Nicaraguan poultry industry ready to meet increased demand

The Nicaraguan poultry industry is ready to meet the December demand for poultry of between 26 and 30 million pounds of chicken, which is an increase in sales of up to 40% over the Christmas and New year period, the National Association of Poultry and Animal Feed Producers (ANAPA) confirms.

ANAPA executive director Donald Tuckler, said the industry began planning the supply of chicken from previous months and it has also ensured the entry of poultry from USA through the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (MIFIC).

Regarding the importation of chicken, Tuckler said the entry of 21 containers has been guaranteed to the country's capital Managua, each with 44,000 pounds.

"Since the forecasts were made for a month of greater consumption in December a plan was implemented for distribution," said the executive director of ANAPA.

Furthermore, he stated that the price will remain stable, despite the increase in demand. He said the market is being constantly monitored in coordination with the MIFIC.

With this, the sector expects to close with a production of 270 million pounds of chicken, up from an estimated 250 million pounds last year.

45.11 million birds were slaughtered until September this year, according to the Central Bank of Nicaragua.

Maria de los Angeles

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