News update:Mar 9, 2016

Russia restricts poultry imports from the Netherlands

Russian veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor has announced temporary restrictions on imports of poultry and all poultry products from the Netherlands, due to the recently detected outbreaks of avian influenza H5N8 strain.

The restrictions affect the supply of poultry from the provinces of Overijssel and South Holland. Earlier, Rosselkhoznadzor already banned imports of poultry from Germany for the same reasons.

The outbreaks of H5N8 in Europe raised concerns among a number of countries of the CIS region. Earlier, the import of poultry from the Netherlands, Germany and UK has been completely banned by Ukraine.

At the same time, the veterinary services of Azerbaijan has been forced to issue a report stating that there is no need to implement any import restrictions against the named countries, as they are already not among the list who import poultry to the country. According to the report, Azerbaijan imports almost all its poultry from Turkey and Brazil.

Russia has not imported poultry from the Netherlands since the implementation of the so-called food embargo on August, 7 of 2014. However, it was expected that some poultry production from the European Union and perhaps from the Netherlands still can get to the Russian market through the fraudulent channels.

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