News update:Mar 9, 2016

India to resume poultry meat exports to the EU

The European Union (EU) has lifted a five-year ban on the import of poultry meat from India, although conditions will apply.

Meat products, including bladders and intestines prepared from fresh meat of domestic poultry, including meat of farmed and wild game birds, which are to exported must carry a health certificate issued by the Export Inspection Council of India. There will be a four month transition period for consignments with existing health certificates, provided this is signed before July 30.

"It's very good news for the Indian poultry sector, as opening exports to the EU will boost overall sentiment. But it will be interesting to see whether any relaxation is made in the quality specifications to commence exports," said Mohan V K, general manager (sales and marketing), Suguna Foods.

A ban was imposed on India poultry meat imports to the EU following a bird flu outbreak in India five years ago. Fears of contaminated products entering the market have subsided, after India culled millions of chickens in the wake of the outbreak.

Currently, India exports various poultry products, including eggs and processed meat, worth Rs 500 crore a year. Of this, the EU accounts for 20-25%.

"Given the quality specifications are very stringent, very few companies will qualify for the export norms set up by the EU. Hence, even if the EU market is opened, the Indian poultry sector won't be able to gain much. But opening the EU market will boost the overall sentiment for exports to other countries as well," said Mohan.

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