News update:Mar 9, 2016

Poultry prices on the rise in Ukraine

Poultry prices are rising in Ukraine, according to the State Statistics Committee of the country.

The report says that prices began to rise in mid-May, adding roughly UAH 1-2 (US$0.08-0.17) per week. Since that time the price has jumped 10-15% up to UAH 49-50 (US$ 4.16 – 4.25) per kg, fillet to UAH 38 (US$ 3.23) per kg.

Retail prices have risen due to prices from producers in different regions, the State Statistics Committee concludes. For example, in Kiev region some certain suppliers have raised prices by 60-70%. "If in April 20 we bought a kilo of chicken in carcass weight in wholesale at UAH 16.50 (US$ 1.4), now – this figure rose to UAH 27.50 (US$ 2.33)," commented the representative of the company supplying Ilchenko, Ruslan Kazim.

Similar dynamics have been observed in the segment of poultry fillets. "Earlier, the wholesale prices were standing at the level of UAH 27-28 (US$ 2.29 – 2.38) per kg, now – UAH 30-33 (US$ 2.55 – 2.80). This is the same for chilled meat. Frozen chicken also risen in price from UAH 24-25 (US$ 2.04 – 2.12) per kg to UAH 27-28 (US$ 2.29 – 2.38) per kg," commented the representative of the poultry production and supplying company Lvovmoreprodukty.

At the same time, experts note that the price increase is observed in almost all categories of meat, and is associated with the structural problems of the economy of the country and the collapse of the hryvnia exchange rate in recent months.

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