News update:Mar 9, 2016

Evrodon to triple turkey production by 2016

Russia’s largest turkey producer, the agricultural company Evrodon, plans to increase the production of turkey meat by more than three times by 2016, according to representatives of the company.

"This is a total design capacity of all the plants that are already working and will reach the full capacity by 2016. Now we produce 43,000 tonnes of turkey meat per year, another 30,000 tonnes will be added by increasing capacity at existing plants. In addition, we are implementing a new project for turkey meat production in Oktyabrsky rural district of Rostov region, which will give us another 60,000 tonnes," a spokesman of the company, Aleksey Merkulov, said.

According to Evrodon CEO, Vadim Vaneev, the share of imported turkey meat in the Russian market is less than 10%. The majority of imports (90%) accounts to frozen parts of carcasses and offal.

The import level has also fallen in recent years from 110,000 tonnes in 2006 to 10,000 tonnes -15,000 tonnes per year by 2013.

"The main reason of this - is that the production of chilled meat is growing in Russia so overseas importers can supply here only frozen meat, which by all accounts can not compete with the Russian analogue," Vaneev explained.

"Now it is very important to focus on productivity, product quality and in any case not to raise prices," added the head of the company, commenting on the possible actions of the Russian manufacturers in the light of Russia's ban on the supply of food from the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and Norway.

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