News update:Mar 9, 2016

Miratorg starts production of halal poultry

Bryansk Broiler, part of the Russian meat producer, Miratorg, is launching a line for production of halal chicken at its new production site in Bryansk Oblast, according to the representatives of the company.

The new line will produce meat in strict accordance with the traditions and canons of Islam. Miratorg plans to supply first shipments of halal chicken for retail already in September 2014.

Miratorg currently implements the largest vertically integrated project for the production of high-quality meat of broiler with the capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year. The first products came to market in April 2014, and the volume of the output during several months has already exceeded 10,000 tonnes.

"The decision to launch the production of halal poultry we took quickly. We live in a multi-ethnic country, and as a domestic manufacturer we are looking to meet the demand of all consumers, including those for whom religious traditions are crucial when choosing meat. Halal product range includes more than 50 names of chilled and frozen chicken," said Daniel Karaichentsev the head of service quality department of Bryansk Broiler.

"Its cost would be a little higher the basic price of poultry on the market - because the slaughter of animals is carried out entirely by hand, and the staff of the plant should be added by clerics, who control the compliance of all processes on the norms of Islam," he added.

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