News update:Mar 9, 2016

Poultry meat consumption in Chile on the rise

Chilean consumers have mainly increased consumption of poultry meat, amounting annually to 37.5 kilos per person, followed by the pork, with 26.6 kilos per year, and beef with 24.4 kilos per person per year.

On average Chileans consumed 89.1 kilos of meat per person in 2013, giving an increase of 9.7% in consumption in the last five years. An historic figure according to the National Institute of Statistics of Chile (INE).

In 2008 Chileans ate 81.2 kilos of meat per person. The figure dropped 2.7 points in 2009, coinciding with the economic crisis, and has since grown to 89.1 kilos in 2013, according to a statement from the INE.

Consumption has increased mainly in poultry meat, which amounted annually to 37.5 kilos per person per year, followed by pork, with 26.6 kilos per year, and beef, the most expensive, with annual meat 24.4 kilos per person.

María de los Angeles Gutiérrez

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