News update:Mar 9, 2016

Russia restricts live poultry imports from German & Italy

The Russian federal service for veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the imports of all kinds of poultry from Italy where an epidemic of bird flu broke out, Rosselkhonadzor's press service has recently announced.

Earlier, the Russian veterinary watchdog had imposed a similar ban on imports of poultry and poultry products from Germany.

According to the report, the temporary restrictions on the imports of poultry, all kinds of thermally unprocessed poultry products and poultry feed have been imposed as of December 30, 2014 in connection with an epidemic of highly infectious bird flu in Italy.

The restrictions also applies to poultry upkeep and slaughter equipment. Fodder additives, which production is based on chemical and microbiological synthesis, are the only exception to the poultry ban. The federal veterinary watchdog also banned imports of live poultry, incubator eggs and chicken fluff and feathers from the Italian territory of Veneto.

Russia put an embargo on imports of foodstuffs imposed on August 7, 2014 in retaliation for western sanctions restricts poultry imports from all the countries of the European Union, the United States, Norway, Australia and Canada, but the ban does not apply to the imports of live poultry and eggs.

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