News update:Mar 9, 2016

Hubbard JA87 broilers for Freedom Food production

As of end 2014 the Hubbard JA787 and JA987 broilers are accepted for use for free range production within the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme.

"Since we introduced the JA87 into the UK in 2008, our predictions on performance have been achieved and combined with its ease of management it is a wonderful bird to work with on as well as breeder as broiler level", says Jim Hunnable of Hubbard UK. "We have always been working closely together with the RSPCA and Freedom Food and we are extremely delighted that besides the Hubbard JA57, which serves as a benchmark for the RSPCA within their Welfare Assessment trials, now the Hubbard JA87 has been permitted for use within the Freedom Food scheme for indoor and free range systems. Our customers have been asking for this, and now it is official we can move ahead by supplying them a very efficient product for the high-end quality markets. The Hubbard JA87 answers to the changes in the market by offering a real balance between economic growing of alternative chickens and the demand for conformation and meat quality in combination with very good welfare traits."

Another breed to choose from

Dr. Marc Cooper, RSPCA chicken welfare scientist, said: "This is good news for Freedom Food free-range chicken producers who now have another breed available to choose from. The use of the Hubbard JA787/987 broilers was already permitted for indoor production within the Freedom Food scheme under a collaborative agreement to improve the welfare characteristics of the breed. However, after examining the suitability of the JA787 for use in free-range production, these broilers can now be reared in free-range systems under a similar agreement. We very much look forward to continuing to work with Hubbard on this issue."

Hardly any use of antibiotics

The Hubbard JA87 is also finding its way into other European countries such as France, the Netherlands and Germany where the importance of the premium markets is developing quickly driven by the need for good animal welfare, quality meat and hardly any use of antibiotics.

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