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NCC: Unfair portrayal of chicken production

A broadcast by Fusion Television in the USA unfairly portrays the realities of modern chicken production. It ignores the progress America’s family farmers and chicken companies have made by working together to produce safe and affordable food, says the National Chicken Council.

"Farmers and processors have an ethical obligation to treat animals humanely, and from a pure business standpoint, it does not benefit a farmer or a company to harm birds in any way. The birds are their livelihoods, and chicken farmers and processors aim to do everything possible to keep them healthy. Both are held accountable by their ethics, their customers and government oversight," the National Chicken Council states.


The National Chicken Council's statement is a response to the story "Cock Fight: One Man's Battle Against the Chicken Industry" by journalist Mariana van Zeller, which aired Wednesday, February 25 on Fusion (see video below this article). The story's about farmer Craig Watts, a 'whistleblower' frustrated with the conditions created by corporate chicken farming.

'Best and healthiest birds'

"It is my understanding that the company has devoted more resources and time to help Mr. Watts raise the best and healthiest birds that he can," said Tom Super, vice president of communications at the National Chicken Council.  "It's not only ethically and morally the right thing to do, but it's in the company's and the farmer's economic interest to raise and bring to market the healthiest birds possible.

Production system vilified at the expense of others

"We also support consumer choice in the market place and believe all production systems can coexist. If people would like to choose pasture raised, organic or free range chicken with their food dollars, those options are available. But one production system should not be vilified at the expense of others."


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    many thanks for registration in digital World Poultry

  • charles pierce

    Is this a serious response? Time to take chicken off my families dinner table. People aren't quite as stupid as some folks in the chicken industry apparently believe. Good day!

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