News update:Mar 9, 2016

French poultry association wants less import

The organisation for the promotion of French poultry APVF is ringing the alarm bell about the large amount of imports. According to the Association pour la Promotion de la Volaille Française, 40 percent of all the chicken and turkey used in France comes from other countries.

In the larger French supermarkets, the share of fresh poultry from abroads is significantly lower at 13 percent. That is due to the labelling of locally produced poultry as Volaille Française since February last year. Such labelling will also be required in the EU starting from April 1, but is not mandatory for processed food such as ready meals, salads or sandwiches.

60 percent of imported chicken and turkey

Producers of such food products in France use up to 60 percent of imported chicken and turkey, while this figure can rise to some 80 percent in restaurants, APVF says. ''We have to convince our customers to use more French products, also because chicken and poultry is the only meat category where the consumption is still growing.''
Last year, the total consumption of poultry and poultry products was 2.4 percent higher than in 2013.

Ruud Peys

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