News update:Mar 9, 2016

Poultry import from Ukraine to Crimea restricted

Russia is restricting the import of poultry from Ukraine to Crimea, allegedly over concerns regarding avian influenza (AI). Only a limited number of certified companies are allowed to export their poultry to Crimea.

Russian veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor says that these measures are taken "in order to prevent multiple attempts of Ukrainian companies to re-export products from countries that fall under the Russian food embargo." More precise, restriction on the import of poultry meat from the Ukraine to the Crimea should prevent the re-export of products from the USA, Canada and European countries.

Reduce the risk of introducing avian influenza

Rosselkhoznadzor also took these steps in order to reduce the risk of introducing avian influenza (AI) in Crimea, "the outbreaks of which become more frequent in European countries", add representatives of the veterinary body.
In the mean time Crimea largely depends on import of meat from Ukraine. During the first five months of the year the peninsula imported 28,000 tonnes of meat - primarily poultry - from Ukraine.

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