News update:Mar 9, 2016

British export of poultry meat on the up

The British poultry industry has stepped up its contribution to the UK’s economy. Exports of poultry meat were up 6.6% last year, from £286m to £305m (€427m), mainly based on sales to other EU countries.

Sales of poultry meat on the home market increased 13% to £6.9 billion (€9.66 billion) making it the country's most populair meat ahead of beef, lamb and pork combined. Employment in the sector increased tot 79,300, up 8% year-over-year.

UK still imports more poultry meat than it exports

These figures are published in a report, commissioned by the British Poultry Council, by Oxford Economics. The sector as a whole contributed £3.6 billion to the nations' GDP, up from £3.3 billion in 2013, the report says. However, in value, the UK still imports more poultry meat than it exports, mainly due to the fact that imports are mostly higher-valued breast meat while exports are more lower-value dark meat cuts.

Significant growth opportunities for the industry

BPC chairman John Reed thinks there are still significant growth opportunities for the industry in the future, especially for exports. Referring to the TTIP-negotiations, he warns that 'any trade agreements must also reinforce the commitment of the UK industry to a 'farm to fork' hygiene approach and ensure a level playing field on production standards'.

BPC chief executive Andrew Large added that the industry needs to be able to upgrade its capital assets to meet the growing demand.

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