News update:Mar 9, 2016

Kazakh farm offers free distribution of 150,000 birds

One of the largest egg producers in Kazakhstan, the Karl Marx poultry farm, plans to give about 150,000 laying hens away free of charge due to financial problems.

"We have to reduce the population of chickens by 30%. The problem is financial," said the director of the poultry farm Valeria Semenova.

"We will distribute hens to employees, charitable organizations, people affected by floods in the spring. We plan to give 150,000 chickens away for free over the next 70 days," Semenova confirmed.

Operating at a loss

The distribution of chicken is a necessary measure as, for several months the poultry farm of Karl Marx has been operating at a loss, so reducing the stock was the last available option.

On the first day of the initiative the farm already gave about 3,000 laying hens to employees.

The farm in Karaganda Oblast has a capacity of 130 million eggs per year. The overall population of hens at the farm is currently about 450,000 heads.

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