News last update:Mar 9, 2016

France imports and exports more chicken

In the first half of this year, France has imported 253,300 tonnes of chicken and chicken products, up 5.6% on the same period in 2014. At the same time, exports increased by 3.7% to 224,000 tonnes, figures from the statistics department of the Department of Agriculture show.

June was a peculiar month for the international trade in chicken in France, with imports up almost 11% and exports 12% year on year, the figures show. African countries in particular bought more chicken meat from French producers while the Department gives no explanation for the higher import figures.

Consumption of chicken up

The production of chicken and chicken meat is more or less stable compared to last year. Production amounted to 554 million heads or 979,000 tonnes over the period January till August, both up 1.5%. The Department also notes that consumption of chicken and chicken products was up 3% compared to a year earlier.

More turkey exported

France also managed to export more turkey. Over the first half year, the country shipped 39.400 tonnes, up over 9%. The import of turkey was down almost seven percent to 23.400 tonnes. Turkey production was down almost three percent to 197.500 tonnes. The decline in the consumption of turkey in France continued with a further fall of 6%.

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