Opposition to the trade agreement

As things stand, France is against the TTIP trade agreement. This is what President François Hollande said. France has been complaining for a while that the US is not making enough concessions in the negotiations. France will never accept that key principles "for our economy, our culture, for common access to governmental contracts" are called into question, Hollande said. According to Greenpeace, France's concern is legitimate. The organisation says that the reactions of German politicians show that even those who supported the agreement initially are now backtracking. German farmers appear to be against TTIP.

A majority of Germans are against TTIP, so Greenpeace launched the idea of organising a rally atthe Brandenburg Gate in Berlin 

"I am against TTIP because it will put proven EU standards under pressure and the agricultural sector will have to endure even more criticism." A large majority (over 80%) of the readers chose this as their answer to the following question in this week's questionnaire: 'How do you regard TTIP from an agricultural point of view?' German farmers appear to be thinking along the same lines as the middle class, a majority of whom are also opposed to the free trade agreement. The number of farmers that opt for 'I am pro TTIP, because we need common rules for international trade', does not rise above 14%.

Irish farmers have demonstrated against TTIP. Several dozen Irish farmers have demonstrated against the TTIP trade agreement. They chose the office of the European Commission in Dublin as the location for this protest, which was organised by the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers' Association. The action was directed not only against the trade agreement with the US, but also against the agreement with the South American trading block Mercosur.

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