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Funding boosts poultry production in rural Africa

The World Poultry Foundation (WPF) has received a 4 year $21.4 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to enhance poultry production in Tanzania and Nigeria.

Working closely with government and in-country private sector partners, the WPF will lead a project that will catalyse a transformation of rural poultry production in these 2 countries.

  • Photo: AFP |Pius Utomi Ekpei

    Photo: AFP |Pius Utomi Ekpei

Increase poultry production

This initiative will increase poultry production and productivity through the access of low-input dual purpose birds, increase rural household income, improve household nutrition and empower women.

“This grant provides us with an opportunity to implement a strategy that creates access of improved genetics to the rural famers, provides technical assistance and training, and offers access to markets that may not have been possible before,” said Randall Ennis, CEO of the World Poultry Foundation. “Our goal is to impact 2.5 million households across Tanzania and Nigeria by the end of this 4-year initiative.”

Building a sustainable supply chain

“Unlike past approaches of delivering free chicks and feed to the rural farmers, this project will focus on training and extension support to build a sustainable value chain,” Ennis said.

“Another key component of the project is the establishment of over 1,500 entrepreneurial enterprises – primarily owned and managed by women – that will supply healthy brooded and vaccinated chicks to the rural smallholder farmers.”


  • Robert Gauthier

    Wonderful initiative. How to keep the chickens alive for a long time? The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH), a non profit educational structure, offers advanced training to practicing veterinarians in poultry, worldwide. The successful students receive a diploma from the University of Luxembourg and the OIE gives them an official recognition ( In Africa we have already given 2 courses in Dakar, Tunis and at the end of this year, Gaborone, Botswana

  • patrick pharm maigari

    Pls how can I benefit from this poultry grant


    Good to know about this gesture from "Bill & Melinda Gates foundation"
    Am a young poultry farmer with about 420 layers (black & brown), 200 pullets and dispatching broilers (100 pcs each batch) few turkey, all taking place in my late parents' uncompleted bungallow. I have both the passion and technical know-how to expand it to a much greater height & capacity but lacks both the finance (i.e funding) and land. Please how will i be a benefiary of this opportunity and gesture? I will be very glad if enrolled and included.
    Again please count Nigerian government, any Nigerian government agency, parastatal or any of the Nigerian ruling clas s or elites out of any empowerement or humanitarian assistance you truly meant for the ordinary, poor or rural dwelling citizens. Its been their tradition of high jacking such a gesture for their self enrichment. Ask other world humanitarian agencies and NGOs can attest to this.
    Once again I will be very glad to be empowered to empower others. THANKS
    =>UKEJE EMMANUEL CHIGOZIE, Address: Umorie village, Ibiasoegbe town, Oru-west Local Government Area, IMO STATE, NIGERIA. 09094772233<=

  • Acheneje EGENA

    A worthwhile venture. The spread however is not wide enough I think.


    How can my poultry farm-company benefit from this poultry grant. or . 0112348032004464 or 302-332-8521

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  • Olujide Makinde

    Please let me know the details of submitting application for the grant. I am into Poultry farming of egg production and broiler meat processing. my contact is:

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    Please furnish me with more information on how I can be part of the program i.e. Funding boosts for Poultry Production in Africa. I'm from Nigeria. Here is my email address:

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