Tyson Foods to expand US poultry operation

One of the largest poultry business in the world is set to create 300 new jobs in a USD$84m (€71m) expansion of its plant at Union City, Tennessee.

Tyson Foods is to increase its capacity at the plant’s harvesting area, increase extra processing lines and upgrade supporting operations at the hatchery, feed mill and transportation.

It will result in an extra 25,000 square feet of plant and the firm estimates it will need nearly 200 more broiler chicken houses in the north west of the state over the next 2 years. Independent farmers looking to expand are encouraged to contact the company.

Customer and consumer demand for protein

Doug Ramsey, Tyson’s poultry group president, said the project was set to begin later this autumn: “Customer and consumer demand for protein, especially chicken, is increasing so we’re investing in projects that build on our strengths and increase our capacity,” he said.

The company also operates facilities in other parts of Tennessee and has around 5,000 employees in the state.


  • Photo: Jack Pate

    Photo: Jack Pate

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