Full-scale management tools for poultry businesses

Are you using your enterprise data to further improve and optimise your poultry production and business processes? If not, Porphyrio has developed innovative systems for the poultry meat and commercial egg industries which are based on scientific self-learning algorithms and are operated in the cloud.
Photo: Evonik
Photo: Evonik

These systems have been developed in such a way that they can be operated by an individual farmer or a total vertically integrated producer.

Lay-Insight, Broiler-Insight, Turkey-Insight and Duck-Insight are strong, innovative management tools for the poultry industry which are designed to support managers in taking proper decisions concerning their daily business, as well as the strategic decisions they are facing.

Optimising your business processes

Turning big data into profit: Porphyrio’s expertise builds on the latest know-how of big data technology and biostatistics, combined with poultry science and poultry production. It is that expertise that enables them to offer you systems to support you in optimising your business process to the fullest.

Seamless data collection: Porphyrio gathers all data centrally regardless of location, the type of computers, sensors or software currently being used. The data can be collected either automatically or entered manually.

Early warning system: When critical parameters deviate too much from expectations, you will be alerted. This way you can respond quickly and will not lose precious time or money.

Accurate predictions: Daily priorities, as well as long-term strategies based on scientific research, can be viewed immediately, contributing significantly to the efficiency of the production processes.

Intuitive dashboard: The dashboard is customisable by configuring your company-specific parameters. This enhances the efficiency of using the system and is available in a language of your choice.

Internal benchmarking: With a few clicks, any flock (historical, actual) within your organisation can be compared easily for any technical and financial parameter, allowing you to see the effects of actions taken.

Production planning: Never it has been easier to adapt production planning to changing market circumstances.

Slaughter optimisation: Supply of the live bird to the processing plant or wet market is optimised in advance, taken into consideration growing cost, transport cost, and processing cost.

Health management: Tracing back animal health-related issues is the key to moving forward, ensuring food safety in the poultry production chain, and avoiding any additional recall costs.

Numerous benefits for everyone involved

Accessibility by different stakeholders in the production process, each having their own responsibility but sharing a common interest, contributes to the strength and benefits of Lay-Insight, Broiler-Insight, Turkey-Insight and Duck-Insight.

Having access to accurate, analysed data, opens new perspectives for R&D managers to develop new, innovative products and processes, or to improve existing ones.

Learn more about how Porphyrio uses big data, biostatistics and self-learning algorithms to help you monitor, predict, and optimise your poultry production. Also, register now and download our new guide to intelligent data management.