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Salmonella vaccine meets FDA antibiotic phase out policy

Global’s Green’s patented Salmonella vaccine for poultry meets the US’s Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) policy of phasing out antibiotics on farms.

The FDA announced, December 11, the intention to limit the use of antibiotics to the treatment of sick animals, and the elimination of drugs to promote faster growth. Preferring a voluntary approach, the FDA wants to hear from companies within three months about their plans to change labels and will give them three years to put them in place.

Studies have shown that Salmogenics helps chickens increase in weight without the use of any antibiotics. The vaccine is injected into the egg, before the chick is hatched, improving the immune system, health and welfare of the chicken from the first day of age, cost-effectively providing a healthier source of protein for humans.

"One of the reasons antibiotics are overused is due to the benefit of the chicken gaining weight. In our studies, we showed Salmogenics can help chickens gain 126 pounds more weight per chicken which is equal to 5 billion 40 million more pounds of chicken worldwide. I believe we have the solution to this problem to help growers meet the FDA requirements to use the antibiotics just to defend against the disease," Dr. Mehran Ghazvini, DC, NMD, Chairman and CEO said.

The European Food Safety Authority also phased out, and ultimately banned the marketing and use of antibiotics as growth promoters in feed in 2006. This decision was based on opinions from the Scientific Steering Committee, which recommended the progressive phasing out of antibiotics used for growth stimulation, while still preserving animal health.

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  • Eugène Goater

    The reduction of the antibiotics treatment is on the way in europe but what happens in other countries? It's nécessary to reduce importation and use of générics mainly in some aréas where they are cheep and used whithout lab examination.


    Africans are not catching up with the trend of events in US.Too bad!

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