News update:Mar 9, 2016

Schaumann: Making NSP more digestable

Improved feed conversion and the selective use of cereal types containing high amounts of NSP are the key factors to reduce the feed costs. To reduce the anti-nutritive effects and to increase the digestibility of nutrients and NSP fractions, Schaumann Research has developed Ceravital, a product of solid-state fermentation.

The stabilisation effect of the gastrointestinal system caused by Ceravital is based on the increased availability of the valuable nutrients and ingredients, such as protein, starch and fat. Simultaneously, CeravitaL acts as a easily available nutrient solution for the intestinal bacteria. Its prebiotic qualities help to promote the development of gastric and intestinal flora and hence intestinal health. Harmful bacteria are suppressed. The digestibility of the feed is enhanced and at once, digestion of the NSP fraction is optimised. Dung consistency is improved. Furthermore, the NSP fractions are broken down into short-chain fatty acids and therefore available as an additional source of energy.

Ceravital is already being used successfully in Schaumann mineral feeds for sows, piglets and fattening pigs. Field trials and laboratory tests at the ISF, Schaumann’s research institute confirm, that Ceravital also has a positive effect in fattening poultry production. An improve of weight gain, feed conversion and vitality in broiler and turkey fattening were demonstrated.

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