News update:Mar 9, 2016

AB Vista attributes growth to sucessful phytase product

2013 was a year of successes for AB Vista, consolidating its position as one of the top three global feed enzyme suppliers.

The company also opened new offices in the US, Singapore and Brazil, along with supporting the investment in the new enzyme production facility at Evansville in cooperation with sister company PGP international.

Much of AB Vista's growth has been driven by the success of enhanced phytase Quantum Blue. Through leading the debate on the importance of phytate degradation, AB Vista claims to have helped shift industry thinking, making the practice of superdosing for low phytate nutrition more commonplace, thus increasing the financial return for feed producers globally.

This year at IPPE, attendees can visit the AB Vista stand to find out more about how the company plans to continue to bring new ways of thinking to the market in 2014. One particular area of focus for AB Vista in 2014, will be the Inspire Forum which aims to create an open platform for discussion around fibre-degrading feed enzymes and their substrates, due to take place in the Spring.

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