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Study: Effect of peppermint in hens diets

A study to determine the effects of dried peppermint leaves in laying hen diets on laying performance, egg quality, and serum metabolic profile, found it to be an effective feed additive to improve performance of laying hens during the late laying period.

A total of 150 Hy-Line Brown laying hens (64-week-old), were assigned to five treatment diets including dry peppermint leaves at 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20 g/kg, respectively, for 12 weeks.

Each treatment had six replicates with five hens each. Over the course of the trial, incremental dietary peppermint leaves significantly increased (linear, P<0.001) egg weight, egg production, egg mass and feed intake from 64–68, 68–72, 72–76 and 64–76 weeks of age. moreover, feed conversion ratio was linearly decreased (p><0.001) with increasing levels of peppermint in laying hens diet.>

The inclusion of 20 g/kg peppermint resulted in overall best performance. Eggshell percentage, eggshell thickness and Haugh unit of hens fed diets supplemented with peppermint leaves were greater (P<0.01) than that of hens fed the control diet.>

However, peppermint supplementation did not influence other egg quality characteristics like albumen and yolk percentages and albumen height. Notably, serum cholesterol significantly decreased (P<0.001) but serum total proteins increased (p="0.015)" with the increasing peppermint leaves levels. it can be concluded that. it can be concluded that peppermint leaves can be used as an effective feed additive to improve performance of laying hens during the late laying period.>

[Source: Science Direct]

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  • gubbi lokanath

    An interesting study. Peppermint leaves are commonly used in human diets for flavour and promoting digestibility as well as palability.
    The residual effect of the powdered leaves on egg yolk,egg colour and keeping quality of the eggs will have to be determined for acceptibility in the market. Similarly, its inclusion in poultry diet as a routine procedure also dependends on cost effectiveness i.e. economy of feed cost. Its availability in different seasons will also have a bearing on inclusion in poultry diets.

  • ??? rassokie


  • gubbi lokanath

    Further to my comments made earlier, may I suggest that studies on enzyme s.a. serum alkaline phosphatase may be made at 64 weeks of age since it is widely believed and oriented well before to have favourable influence on boosting egg production related traits.
    Effects on total egg hatchability due to incorporation of peppermint dry leaves will be an additional information,too.
    Reduction in serum cholesterol due to its inclusion is an advantage for use as table eggs, since some people with cardiac affliction are scared of using table eggs due to its high cholesterol content.

  • remen kweka

    An editional knowledge to me as a chicken farmer. Where do I get peppermint seeds so I can grow it in my farm, please?
    Someone suggest.

  • Argie Morales

    This is a very promising study. Reducing cholesterol level and increasing protein in eggs are good. In addition, it is possible that the peppermint leaves may also have an effect on the flavor of the egg (just my theory). But before peppermint could possibly be marketted as a feed additive, a thorough biological study on the properties of the leaves may be of importance to unlock its properties that cause the improvement on egg shell quality and productivity. Also, revitalizing performance of layers at the post-laying stage must be repeated to confirm its effect on performance. If the result is positive, then it is a very good product for post-laying hens to maximize the cost per hen.

  • gubbi lokanath

    The bioloical property of peppermint leaves will be available in ayurvedic science ,since the ingredients are well studied and analysed before releasing numerous Ayurvedic products for human consumption.

  • ibrahim oni-dada

    good work. what about scent leave?

  • Joseph wahananiu

    A good result. Any colour photo of the plant.

  • Digbijoy Hazra

    It might be a good result

  • emmanuel atte

    This is a good result. Where do we get this plant in Adamawa state.

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