News update:Mar 9, 2016

More precise feeding with new Cargill formulation tool

Cargill is launching a new proprietary nutrient formulating platform, Cargill Nutrition System (CNS). This will help in improving precision feeding for the animals, hence boosting profitability for the farmers.

CNS allows to deliver precise feed formulations to producers based on a host of variables often unique to each individual customer: species, climate, location, business goals, nutrient-content requirements and cost considerations of available ingredients.

The database behind CNS is comprised of over two million nutrient samples, covering more than 200 ingredients, and ten million annual nutrient predictions, and is constantly being refreshed. This data is combined with the vast knowledge and experience of the company's R&D department.

According to the company, by applying this system, specific customer needs can be met faster and with the best cost formulation to boost profitability. It is already successfully implemented by poultry customers in Indonesia and sow farmers in Vietnam.

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