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EU approves more mycotoxin products

The European Union has authorised the bentonite clay minerals in two products, developed by Belgium company Innovad. The clay minerals of these products are now officially listed in the category: “Substances for reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins: aflatoxin B1”.

The product Magnet is made of 100% bentonite clay minerals and is now - as a whole product - approved as anti-aflatoxin. The product Escent contains various ingredients. The bentonite components in Escent (same as the ones in Magnet) are now also EU approved as anti-aflatoxin.

Based on the most recent developments in the European legislation for feed additives (EC No 1060/2013), European authorities decided to clarify the legal status of components which can be used for the reduction of the contamination of feed with mycotoxins. Due to the presence of many products on the market and the large variability in effectiveness for the claimed purpose, this approach is a step forward to guarantee the mode of action and required effects.

Within the text of the legislation, a clear distinction is made on different clay minerals where solid parameters have been defined in order to comply with this new category of feed additives. The compliance with this legislation reflects in the label as well, which mentions clearly the functional group as stated in the legislation: Substances for reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins: aflatoxin B1.


  • ks sarankumar

    The problem with clay minerals is it binds mycotoxins with vitamins, minerals and aminoacids present in feed. Hence too much addition of toxin binders becomes counter productive.
    In India we from VESPER pharmaceuticals, Bangalore use bioactive moiety which converts aflatoxin and ochrotoxin molecular structure into non toxic form. The product name is NOTOX and it is used in our industry for 30 years. Highly efficient way of controlling toxins. Contact if need more clarification at

  • Dr. Atef Abou zeid

    in Egypt we use some biological substances as saccharomyces cerv. and other medicinal oils ,gave good results .Contact if need more clarification at

  • andrew mchugh

    Has anyone used highly processed Diatomaceous earth in this application ? We are currently trialling this product and are providing sample and technical dta to interested parties ...

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