News update:Mar 9, 2016

DSM launch environmental sustainability calculator

DSM has announced the launch of its Ronozyme ProAct Environmental Sustainability Calculator. This web-based application allows direct customers and other stakeholders to quickly assess the environmental impact of using this protease in broiler production. The tool is the latest in a series of DSM investments to support feed industry sustainability.

Converting complex Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) modeling calculations into clear and understandable results, the intuitive calculator allows individuals to assess the environmental benefit of adding the protease Ronozyme ProAct to broiler feeds. The calculator provides producers, feed manufacturers and other stakeholders in the food chain with quick access to relevant and comprehensible information to support them in making more informed production decisions.

The effective use of protease in broiler feed can increase amino acid digestibility and reduce nitrogen output in manure, allowing producers to increase productivity per unit of land while complying with ever increasing environmental legislation requirements. As well as providing a measure of environmental sustainability of poultry production, the innovative tool also supports producers in maximizing the potential economic benefits gained by using a protease, through feed composition and land requirement optimisation.

The flexible tool allows users to input their own data or alternatively use a range of pre-programmed templates to assess the environmental and economic benefits of the addition of a protease to poultry feed.

"By presenting the complex environmental outputs of LCA in a way that is relevant to the everyday decisions of broiler producers, our environmental sustainability calculator helps users to quickly assess the effect protease can make in reducing their environmental impact," Adam Smith, market development manager, DSM comments. "The first of its kind, the calculator demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and to supporting our partners across the food chain in improving their productivity and profitability, while staying ahead of stringent environmental legislations."

To assess the economic and environmental impact the use of protease can have on your business, please visit:

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