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Miratorg to produce 100,000 tonnes of poultry feed

Bryansk Broiler, a division of Russia’s largest agricultural holding Miratorg, plans to start producing about 100,000 tonnes of poultry feed this year, the company announced.

Environmentally clean and safe feed will be provided by the Bryansk division of Miratorg where it owns several large feed mills with the total capacity of about 360,000 tonnes of feed production per year. Most of which is going to meet the demands of Miratorg pig farms.

In February 2014 Miratorg launched a vertically integrated project for the production of chilled poultry and semi-finished products with the total capacity of 100,000 tonnes of poultry meat per year.

"Our feed is produced on the most modern equipment, from natural environmentally friendly raw materials. When compiling animals diets, our experts take into account of a bird's for nutrients and biologically active substances. The principle position of Miratorg is fattening of broiler chickens without the use of growth accelerators and genetically modified additives. Such a approach aids health and full development of the birds, and, therefore, high quality meat for consumers," commented the director of the feed milling division of Miratorg Vladimir Orlenko.

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