News update:Mar 9, 2016

Wageningen course: Poultry nutrition and hot climates

The global poultry industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, in particular the integration of the various disciplines important for production: health care, nutrition, breeding, husbandry and knowledge of poultry products.

In order to properly  manage commercial flocks, in-depth knowledge is needed. For this purpose, a course on (hot) climate conditions and poultry performance is being organised  by Wageningen Academy in the Netherlands on October 20/21 next.

In the course basic aspects of nutrition and acclimation physiology and the interaction between the impact of climate conditions on nutrition and the nutritional requirements of poultry will be covered.

The course  is aimed at professionals working as a nutritionist, advisor, veterinarian, manager, teacher, researcher. But also professionals involved in poultry production, from the (supplying) industry or government, are welcome.

Participants are assumed to have a basic knowledge of feedstuffs and diet formulation, and the principles of the chemical and biological evaluation of feedstuffs in an agricultural context.

The course includes a variety of presentations spread over two consecutive days. Topics are covered  by renowned experts from the field. The entire course will be conducted in English.

For more information visit: Wageningen UR

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