News update:Mar 9, 2016

Purina enhances formula for premium poultry feed

Purina Animal Nutrition has announced an enhanced formula of its complete premium poultry feed* designed to support immune health of growing chicks. A balanced diet is important to ensure chicks receive the nutrients they require.

Available in both medicated and non-medicated formulas, this complete feed has been optimised with prebiotics, probiotics and yeast to provide chicks intended for egg laying a strong start and long-term health.

The new poultry feed includes:

  • Enhanced amino acids to promote early chick development
  • Prebiotics, probiotics and yeast to support immune health
  • Freshly-ground North American grains with simple ingredients
  • A balance of vitamins and minerals to support bone health and bird growth

The medicated version of the feed includes a coccidiostat to help prevent a parasite infestation called coccidiosis. The non-medicated version of the feed is appropriate for chicks that have been vaccinated against coccidiosis.

*Purina Start & Grow Premium Poultry Feed

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