News update:Mar 9, 2016

Hostazym X registration extended to poultry

The EU registration of Huvepharma’s NSP enzyme Hostazym X (Reg number 4a1614) is renewed, and now extended to broilers, turkeys, layers and minor poultry species.

The European Committee concluded Hostazym X is "an effective and safe NSP enzyme for use in all feeds for pigs and poultry."

With this renewed EU registration, the EU committee confirms that Hostazym X improves the FCR and growth when applied in feeds for weaned piglets and fattening pigs, for broilers, turkeys, layers and minor poultry species.

"Hostazym X improves the digestibility of raw materials and has a positive effect on litter quality. Having a better digestibility of nutrients in feed, Hostazym X reduces also the cost-price of feed and the related cost per kg of growth," says manufacturer Huvepharma.

"Hostazym X is a unique NSP enzyme, as it is produced via Surface Fermentation. It contains a unique and natural combination of enzyme activities dedicated towards degrading NSP's present in common used feedstuffs. Furthermore Hostazym X is one of the most stable and robust enzymes which comes to expression in its shelf-life of 24 months. Hostazym X is a non-GMO enzyme, so besides the use in standard feeds it is also allowed for use in organic certified feeds," states the company.


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