Latest issue of World Poultry now online

The 6th edition of World Poultry 2016 is now online.

In this edition we sit down with Anastasiya Sobotuyk, director investor relations and communication of the largest poultry operation in Europe, Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) from the Ukraine. With her we discuss the growth path of the company and its international expansion plans.

Photo: Mardal
The latest Vinnytsia poultry operation is the largest poultry farm in Europe with 12 zones of 32 poultry houses each. Photo: Mardal

Also Novus CEO Francois Fraudeau sheds his light on the role of feed additives in the years to come. According to him the growing demand and consumption of animal protein will take every ounce of efficiency the industry can squeeze out of animal production. Feed additives will play an essential role in that.

Photo: Novus
Novus CEO Francois Fraudeau sheds his light on the role of feed additives. Photo: Novus

In a more hands on approach World Poultry delves into the importance of fleshing in optimal broiler breeder production. How to look at fleshing and how to achieve a good fleshing of breeders is at centre stage in this article. Read all about it and much more in our online edition.

Photo: Cobb
Proper fleshing plays a role in the ability of a hen to lay a high number of eggs. The birds have to build up enough fleshing to deposit fat in the period from 18-21 weeks of age. Photo: Cobb


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