Prevent water contamination with automatic drinking systems

Poultry farmers often cast a critical eye on the quality of feed. However, do they hold the quality of drinking water in the house to the same high standards?

Clean, fresh water is just as essential for the health of the animals. If you don’t clean the drinking lines often enough, they can become a threat to the health of your chickens.

When choosing an automatic drinking system, hygiene should be an important criterion. You can assess the quality of a drinking system by looking at the seals, housing and flushing system. The availability of clean and fresh water is Roxell’s main priority. Our drinking lines are therefore always closed systems and easy to manage. Adjusting the water pressure, flushing or changing the height of the nipples are one-person jobs that can be carried out quickly and precisely.

Swii’Flo is a nipple drinking system designed for broilers, breeders and layers. Photo: Roxell
Swii’Flo is a nipple drinking system designed for broilers, breeders and layers. Photo: Roxell

A hygienic drinking system for all situations

Roxell drinkers are available in different versions and for all types of poultry. Discover the features of 2 types of drinking systems - nipple drinkers and cup drinkers. Both solutions are closed systems that will keep your birds healthy and the floor of the house dry at any time.

Swii’Flo drinking nipples

Swii’Flo is an automated drinking system with nipples for broilers, broiler breeders and layers. It has been designed to be strong and high performing. The durable materials can withstand all commonly used cleaning products and powerful flushing. The additional benefits have been outlined below:

  • Clean and fresh water with a reliable flushing system for drinking lines
    Swii’Flo has an extremely useful and thorough solution for flushing the drinking system. The process is simple; you will never skip a flushing session again. You can also use the drinking lines to distribute and administer medicines and vaccines. The deep cleaning technology quickly removes the residue. In order to have a good house hygiene, the litter needs to stay dry. This will benefit the health of your chickens’ feet. For this, the nipples have a double sealing that will prevent leaks.
  • Complete range of nipple drinkers for the rearing or production phase
    The nipples are available with plastic or metal housing. For stronger or heavier birds like broiler breeders, you could opt for a drinking nipple in metal housing. You can also decide how manoeuvrable you want the nipples to be. Day-old chicks benefit from a nipple that moves 360°. Adult birds will have learned out of habit to just press the nipple upwards.
    Should you want a higher water capacity, then a drip tray is required. The litter stays dry because the water is caught in the tray. In the Swii’Flo, the drip tray is round and has just one arm, which means there is more room for the chickens to reach the drinking nipple. The round design of all the components also limits the risk of injury to the bird.

Sparkcup drinking cup with high water flow

This is an automated drinking system with cups for broiler breeders, broilers, layers and turkeys. Sparkcup is the solution for poultry farmers who require a large water flow, e.g. in hotter countries or for broiler breeders and broilers. If you want to provide easy access to water for animals that drink copious amounts, then this is a good option.

Sparkcup encourages chicks to drink more. Photo: Roxell
Sparkcup encourages chicks to drink more. Photo: Roxell

It has a unique and innovative design and the durable materials can withstand all commonly used cleaning products, high water pressure and powerful flushing. These are just some of the benefits:

  • For large water flows and more animals per cup
    The water flow for one drinking cup is between 500 and 600 ml per minute. In comparison, a nipple drinker produces between 40 and 130 ml of water per minute. You therefore need fewer cups to produce the same result. Fewer cups also means less obstacles for hens as they make their way to their nests, as well as fewer floor eggs. Sparkcup a modular solution. Once it is installed, you can easily switch out the small cups for the medium ones. In a rearing house, you will need smaller cups. In a production house, you can use the medium cups and for turkeys there are large cups.
    In addition, cups encourage chicks to drink more. Drinking large amounts of water is important during the first hours of a chick’s life. A cup encourages this behaviour. Not only do the chicks see the water in the cups, the cup also makes the water very accessible. In this phase the Sparkcup is used with a float ball, which automatically keeps the water level high.
  • Clean and fresh water with self-cleaning effect
    The high water pressure in a Sparkcup drinking system has a self-cleaning effect. The cup system is cleaned automatically. There is also a reliable flushing system for the lines.
  • Animal-friendly perch protection
    Both drinking systems can have a SPINsoft perch protection. This has wings that rotate on a shaft and prevent chickens from sitting on the drinking line. It is animal-friendly, with no electricity.

A good functioning drinking system will have a significant impact on the health of the birds. There are three criteria one needs to keep in mind at any time: clean water, fresh water and dry litter.

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