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News update:Feb 3, 2010

Grimaud Freres and Zsaka duck hatchery join forces

At a joint seminar in Szegalom, Hungary, Frederic Grimaud, President of Groupe Grimaud and Szabo Guyla, owner of Zsaka Hatchery announced their new collaboration in duck breeding.

The seminar was regrouping the Hungarian duck and geese producers in the city located near Zsaka Hatchery.
Grimaud and Szabo will start a new collaboration for the hatch of mule ducks for the Hungarian market. Currently, the French company was supplying the ducks from France.
With this partnership, the French company is able to supply the best quality of day-old mule ducks born in Hungary, and without any stress for the ducklings due to long transport.
The Hungarian duck farmers will get benefit from this local service, with better start and strength of the day-old ducks on arrival at their farm.
This new service, in operation since last September, is developed for the local farmers and for the clients buying the Grimaud HytopP® mule ducks.
As a matter of fact, the seminar was prepared and organized in association with the Hungarian company Integral, being the first beneficiary of this new service and partnership.

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