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Russia's largest duck farm goes up for sale

Chicken-Duck, Russia's largest duck producer Russia is being put up for sale. Included in the sale is an incubator (total capacity of 300 thousand eggs in one tab), feedlots (capacity 500 thousand ducks per year), feed factory and slaughter plants.


After the commissioning of an additional 25 poultry houses at a total cost amounting to 315.2 thousand rubles, production will increase five-fold and reach 5.2 thousand tons of duck meat per year. However, according to reports the reason for the sale of the farm is its low profitability.

It is reported that one of the potential buyers may be the company Eurodon, the largest producer of turkey in Russia. Eurodon, is currently implementing a major project to build a complex for production of duck meat with a design capacity of 20 tons per year. The total investment in this project will amount to 5 billion rubles (US $ 166 mln), and the achievement of full capacity is scheduled for 2013. If Eurodon acquire the company it will take a dominant position in the market for the production of duck meat, with a share of around 60% according to experts.

Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov

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    Olga Grekova

    Our company did not buy, intended to buy or even had any negotiations of this deal. Even the other way around we are the ones who often receive offers on selling our business as big part of the market. We kindly ask you to give the right information not to misinstruct your readers and not to spoil the reputation of both your well-known edition and our company.

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    Vladislav Vorotnikov

    Regarding this comment - probably Eurodon didn't have negotiations of this deal - but at that time there was such information, which was disseminated by various journalists. There were no official comments from representatives of Eurodon or Chicken-Duck that Eurodon intend to buy the farm.

  • Pavel Jurgielewicz

    who bought it? Im looking for a job ......

  • Pavel Jurgielewicz

    Pawel128@yahoo.com I have 20 years experience in raising and slaughter of pekin Ducklings.

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