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News update:Feb 29, 2008

Ostriches bring Vietnam many advantages

It has been nearly 10 years since Vietnam introduced ostriches into the country, but now these huge birds are playing a role in domestic tourism.

It all began when the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development received 100 ostrich eggs as gifts, which soon led to the establishment of an ostrich farm in Ba Vi, Ha Tay. Since then, ostriches have developed and can be seen in over 30 provinces in the country.
Ostrich rides
Ostriches on Hon Thi Island are fixed with imitation leather saddles now take tourists for rides. Le Lam Dung, deputy director of Long Phu Tourism Company, said the company opened its ostrich farm 10 years ago, but not until last year did the firm begin to use ostriches as a tourism product.
Ostrich as food
Over 100 years ago, people started eating African tamed ostrich meat. Now, the Vietnamese enjoying this source of protein as food experts tell of the advantages that this meat offers: it is good for health; it doesn't contain fat and sinew; it has low cholesterol levels; and is a good source of protein.
Ostrich for fashion
Every part of an ostrich is valued in Vietnam. Ostrich leather, which is said to be firmer than crocodile leather, is used to make coats, wallets, bags, belts, etc. Once the leather is processed into retail goods, the price is high, which has presented itself as a new and interesting business opportunity.
The Head of an ostrich leather enterprise in Nha Trang said his establishment can't meet the demand for fashion products made from ostrich skin.
Ostrich feathers are also highly valued and can be used to make brushes for computers and other precision equipment. In addition, egg shells and talons of ostriches can be used to make jewellery and other handicrafts.

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