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Can you identify this goose?

A reader from Ohio, USA, sent in this picture of a goose that is mingling with the Canadian geese in their pond. Do you know what it is? Let us know by leaving your comment below.

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    A cross breed of some kind?

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    Looks like a cross between a Toulouse goose and a white Pilgrim goose.

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    Buff pomeranian.

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    Carol Lee Penun

    Grey Pomeranian.....I have one.

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    A greylag juvenile perhaps

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    Saddleback Pomeranian

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    Talouse Goose

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    medina, ohio chickenman

    there was a cross-bred hybrid goose Canada X White Embden in a flock of Canadas here.but this one looks like another cross bred!

  • lia burbidge

    inbreeding also causes white spots, or unusual colors and markings as well. it isn't common in the wild, but it still happens.

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