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Groupe Grimaud takes over Galor

Groupe Grimaud has taken over the assets of Galor, the French leader in guinea fowl genetics and multiplication.

The company, previously owned by Groupe Amice-Soquet, now becomes the branch of Groupe Grimaud specialised in guinea fowl alongside all the other specialised subsidiaries of the group: Hubbard for broilers, Novogen for layers, Grimaud Frères Sélection for waterfowls and pigeons, Choice Genetics for swine, Hypharm for rabbits, and Blue Genetics for shrimps.

All the existing guinea fowl activities of Groupe Grimaud will rapidly be regrouped within Galor. This will include 'Essor', the guinea fowl strains currently owned by Grimaud Frères Sélection.

Galor will operate out of three French sites, its two original locations of Amboise and Souvigny complemented by Grimaud Frères Sélection's former guinea fowl selection center located in La Rivrais. This will ensure the continuity of the selection program under the leadership of GALOR which will now offer the GALOR as well as the ESSOR products to guinea fowl production industry.

Enrique Pellejero, who recently joined Groupe Grimaud, will become CEO of Galor and

will be based in Amboise.


  • Groupe Grimaud takes over Galor

    Enrique Pellejero, recently joined Groupe Grimaud, will become CEO of Galor

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