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Cargill turkey brands donate to feed the hungry

Feeding America and Cargill's Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms turkey brands are teaming up for the second consecutive year to help provide 1.75 million meals to Americans faced with hunger. Cargill's $250,000 donation, an increase of six percent over 2009, will help fund the effort.

"We appreciate the continued support of the Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms brands this holiday season. We are feeding more Americans than ever before, and we are in continuous need of food and funds to feed the 37 million people who rely on us for food each year," said Vicki Escsarra, president and CEO of Feeding America.

In an effort to spread awareness for the fight against hunger and using the campaign message “The one turkey that can feed a million people”, full-page print ads for Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms whole turkeys will appear in the November Better Homes and Gardens magazine, as well as the November 1 and 29 editions of Family Circle.

"It is truly gratifying to work with Feeding America and help our fellow Americans," said Steve Willardsen, president of Cargill's turkey business.

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    Cargill does some good in America, but why can't they be more responsible in Indonesia's Rainforests?
    America�s largest private corporation is also America�s leading importer of palm oil � a commodity used in consumer goods from soap to breakfast cereals. Mostly grown in Malaysia and Indonesia, the expansion of palm oil plantations in these countries has been tightly linked to rainforest destruction.

    Cargill owns four palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia, and is buying more palm oil from problematic Indonesian suppliers like the Sinar Mas Group. A large and growing number of investigations have shown that Cargill�s palm oil is directly destroying forests, eliminating biodiversity and harming forest peoples.

    It�s great to give here at home, but what if the Cargill family looked at stopping these abuses abroad?

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