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Butterball facility five million hours without injury

Butterball, the US’s largest turkey producer, recently celebrated five million worker hours without a lost-time injury at its Carthage, Missouri facility, which represents four years without a work-related injury or illness of the facility’s 600 employees.

“Employee health and safety is a top priority for Butterball. By adhering to safety processes developed by OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program as well as our own internal safety management system – The Butterball Safety Process– we’re happy to achieve five million hours without a lost-time injury at our Carthage plant.  It’s a true testament to the success of our program," said Brian Rodgers, corporate director of safety and risk management at Butterball.

Butterball’s industry-recognised worker safety program delivers performance that exceeds poultry industry standards as compiled by the US Department of Labor.

Source: Butterball

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